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Jan 10, 2019 at 02:54 PM

WorkflowTemplate deletion


Hi dear experts ,

We created workflowtemplate as much as we created workflow. Now Product save process in backoffice takes at least 4 minutes. After analyzing thread dumps we found the bug :D of the backoffice extension. Before start save process, backoffice load all workflowtemplates from database in DefaultScriptEvaluationService this.workflowTemplateService.getAllWorkflowTemplates(). If you have enough workflowtemplate we have 380000 , your saving process will take long time also.

However we realized that we did not need to create worflowtemplate so much. After decide to merge workflowtemplate we also realized job property on worflow is not editable.

So , I want to learn if there is a way of the change workflowtemplate of the workflow ?