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Jan 07, 2019 at 09:50 AM

DataHub - remove items leading to error


Hi everyone does anyone know how to delete [target] items failing from the DataHub?

Failed to create a target item from CanonicalItem{id='1111269', integrationKey='XXX_MK|300|PRG_LG|F018282822', status=SUCCESS, dataPool='DataHubPoolEntity{id=0, name=GLOBAL}', batchId=0000000002139262|PRG_LG|MATMAS05, traceId=eb43bd3a-9f28-3dbf-92bc-55a9944e2978, uuid=6d5c1a90-190c-4411-8812-ad5c18b00905, documentId=F018282822, fields='{categoryType=300, attributeID=C_ZERO3_MK, productID=F018282822, attributeValue=[000 com.hybris.datahub.service.spel.TransformationExpressionException: Could not transform by expression resolve('CanonicalProduct').baseProductID + ':Default:Staged'

When a client sends incorrect data we would like to have a way to delete canonical items leading to erroneous/failing target items, in order to avoid daily retries leading to daily errors.

thanks nicola