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Dec 27, 2018 at 05:49 PM

Issue in sync with nvarchar2 datatype


Hi Expert,

I have one attribute of product define like below:

     <attribute type="localized:java.lang.String" qualifier="productLongDescription">
                 <persistence type="property">
                     <columntype database="oracle">

when productLongDescription attribute having more than 1000 char , that product is not able to sync.This is issue with oracle database.(ItemSyncTimestamp is not created for this product.)

when i try product that have less than 1000 char productLongDescription ,we can able to synced. and then we increase the char (more than 1000 and less than 1500) length and try to sync again ,sync works properly.

why product is not able to sync initially,when longdesc is define with less than1500 char for oracle. please suggest . Thanks in Advance Deepak