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Dec 21, 2018 at 07:05 AM

MediaRemovalException in Hybris V1811/V1808 while starting the server


Hi All,

We are getting MediaRemovalException while starting up the server. Though we get exception site is running properly. But don't know we this exception occurs on everytime we start the server.

Pls help to fix this exception.

WARN [solr indexer thread] [Transaction] Removal of file: D:*\hybris_home\hybris\data\media\sys_master\backofficeconfiguration\ha2\hc2\8796323479582.xml has failed. Removal of file: D:**\hybris_home\hybris\data\media\sys_master\backofficeconfiguration\ha2\hc2\8796323479582.xml has failed.