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Dec 15, 2018 at 12:02 AM

How to configured Indexed Properties as Filters for Categories.



I need your help to check the problem that I am facing when I configured a Adaptive Search.

When I have a Indexed properties configured in the PowerToolIndex, and I add the Indexed properties for a Category using Adative Search option. It does not work.

Please your help to show me, how is the properly way to configure Indexed properties as attributes filters for categories.

Objetive: I want to have a filter for each attribute configured in Classification System.


I have two categories configured (Adelca, Adelca2) I have products for each category. And each product has a Classification System with some attributes.

I configured the “Peso” attribute as a INDEXED PROPERTIE in PowerToolsProductType

Now in the ADAPTATIVE SEARCH. I Created a Category Aware Search. For each Category I added a Default attribute called “Peso”.

For the Adelca Category, I found that I have some records for the “Peso” attribute as filter. But when I go to the Storefront, I can not see the “Peso” attribute filter for each category.

Thanks for your help.