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Dec 13, 2018 at 07:31 AM

How to access Webservices and Storefront running in our local machine from another network



I have Hybris Storefront running on my local machine. I need to access the Storefront and REST v2 Webservices running in my local machine, from another application or network

I have configured my machine to have public IP. But I could not access the storefront or Web services APIs from my machine itself.

My Web Service API looks like below **https://electronics.local:9002/authorizationserver/oauth/token?client_id=demo_client&client_secret=secret&grant_type=client_credentials**

Also my Storefront url is **https://electronics.local:9002/octcommonstorefront/electronics/en/**.

My has the following : website.electronics.https=https://electronics.local:9002/octcommonstorefront

What configuration changes I need to do, to access both from another network.

thanks, Vinod