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Nov 27, 2018 at 05:49 PM

Access property from son entity


Hello. Does anybody know if in hybris 6.7 we can do the next:

In backoffice i want to create a wizard. The entity has 1 field which is a type of another entity. This new entity has a property which is another type of another entity. This last entity has a field which i want to show on my wizard.

Example. Entity request -> has a property Data which is a type of PersonalData. Entity PersonalData -> has a property Address which is a type of PersonalAddress. Entity PersonalAddress -> has a property street which is a string.

In my new request wizard y want to have an input for "street". For this property i use the qualifier ="request.personaldata.personaladdress.street.

But this doesn't works and I've been told i wont be able to show the input for the street property.

¿Is this possible?. What I'm using instead is dynamic attributes but customer wants to be able to acces that property and not to use dynamic attributes.