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Nov 27, 2018 at 04:03 PM

Wizard with dynamic attributes


Hy everyone.

I try to create a new wizard in backoffice (hybris 6.7) and use some some dynamic attributes.

In item.xml

                 <attribute qualifier="type" type="VLOCType">
                     <persistence type="property" />
                     <modifiers optional="false" initial="true" unique="false" />

                 <attribute qualifier="requestSurnameMother" type="java.lang.String">
                     <description>User name from request</description>
                     <persistence type="dynamic" />
                     <modifiers optional="false" initial="false" />

In backoffice-config-xml.

     <wz:flow xmlns:wz=""
              id="VLOCRequestWizard" title="">
         <wz:prepare id="VLOCRequestPrepare">
             <wz:initialize property="newRequest" type="VLOCRequest" />
         <wz:step id="step1" label="">
             <wz:content id="step1.content">
                 <wz:property-list root="newRequest">
                     <wz:property qualifier="type"/>                        
                     <wz:property qualifier="requestSurnameMother"/>                    
             <wz:navigation id="step1.navigation">
                 <wz:cancel />
                 <wz:back default-target="step1" />
                         <wz:save property="newRequest" />

After compiling and update extension, i get this. I have no input field for properties. Does anybody knows what this could be happening. Thanx a lot.

alt text


11867-output.jpg (191.1 kB)