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Nov 19, 2018 at 01:23 PM

Issue with qualifying category in promotion: Action applied as many times as there are products in cart


The qualifying categories condition identifies all the products in the same category and executes it as many times as there are products in the cart. For example, If the qualifying category is coffee and there are two varieties of coffee, say coffee 1 and coffee2 added to cart, the promotion action gets applied twice. This becomes problematic in order level promotions. Ex: if 10$ off is configured on cnd there are two products of same category in cart, the effective discount is calculated as 20$, if 3 entries in cart 30$ etc.

Expected behavior: Even if two qualifying products belonging to same category are present, a single category should be recognized and the promotion action should be executed only once as used to be in previous version 6.1

Condition definition: y_qualifying_categories