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Oct 31, 2018 at 01:48 PM

Help with understanding Solr Master Slave sync


I have a situation where I am working with Hybris Commerce setup in AWS.

I have 2 BackOffice servers. 2 FrontOffice Servers 1 Solr Master 2 Solr Slaves.

One of the Slaves is never correctly indexed. So on the site, one test shows facets and then again randomly not.

I temporarily fixed this by removing the faulty slave.

Then it worked. I recreated the slave, ran a full index, and again it is not in sync.

What is a good resource to gain an in depth understanding of Hybris with Solr. For example here is some assumptions in my present understanding, as I am battling to solve this issue I think my assumptions may be false. 1) I assume the master is not directly read by any FrontOffice servers. 2) When a full index cron job is run I assume that Hybris has PUSHED the data to the Master only. So the Solr Master does not pull data from Hybris. Or does it. 3) I am assuming the Slaves PULL information from the master. 4) The Master never PUSHES data to the slaves. 5) I assume their should be one Slave for each FrontOffice server. 6) From above, if one Slave is in sync with Master and the other is not, then there could be a network issue between them.

Regards Capetown South Africa