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Mar 27, 2006 at 09:43 AM

Generate class boundaries (GENERATE_BREAKS) for BExMap


When displaying data as color shading on a map in a webtemplate (using BExMap), the automatic distribution of the value ranges for the color groups is not optimal.

An example: If 99% of the turnover falls between $0-$100 and 1% is > $10,000 and I have 10 color-classes, only 2 color-classes are showed in the map (0-1000 and >1000). This happns because SAP takes the upper and lower limit and divides it in 10 equal-sized categories. However, I want SAP to choose the color-class boundaries such that ALL classes are displayed. 10% of the total turnover should fall in every color class.

From the BW 3.5 API I've learned that there exist a map attribute GENERATE_BREAKS with the description "This attribute enables better automatic distribution of the color shading". As I'm on BW 3.1B, I can't check if this is what I want. Therefor, I've got 2 questions:

  • Does GENERATE_BREAKS generate the color distribution that I want?

  • Can I achieve this effect for BW 3.1B?

Kind regards.