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Sep 12, 2018 at 10:25 AM

Is it possible List params in 'collectionType field IN' condition of Where clause of flexibleSearchQuery?


  • EnumType

AccountClassificationEnum (AccountClassificationEnum.CONSUMER, AccountClassificationEnum.MEMBER, AccountClassificationEnum.ADMIN)

  • collectiontype of EnumType

AccountClassificationCollection. elementtype="AccountClassificationEnum"

  • Faq Item Type has allowedClassifications attribute.

FaqModel.allowedClassifications is AccountClassificationCollection (it's not relation type. old collectionType)

In this case, May I use List params in 'IN' condition of Where clause of flexibleSearchQuery?

List enumList = new ArrayList(); enumList.add(AccountClassificationEnum.CONSUMER); enumList.add(AccountClassificationEnum.MEMBER);

query.append("AND {q:").append(FaqModel.ALLOWEDCLASSIFICATIONS).append("} IN (?enumList)"); params.put("enumList", enumList)

. . .

result is empty.

Sorry for my broken English. Thank you.