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Sep 11, 2018 at 05:08 AM

unable to get access token for OCC



I am using hybris 6.7 and installed locally with OCC. I am trying to generate the access token that can be used to retrieve the cart information for a specific user using rest service calls.

I am using the below url and parameters to generate the access token.

https://localhost:9002/oauth/token ( there is no authorization server locally so not using this url - https://localhost:9002/authorizationserver/oauth/token)

see the screen shot for parameters.. May I know what would be the value that I need to use for client_id, client_secret?

I am getting the invalid login error.. See the screen shot for error in the response body..

Any help would be appreciated..

[1]: /storage/temp/11416-error.png


11416-error.png (101.4 kB)