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Former Member
Sep 07, 2018 at 12:39 PM

Set a default Catalog (Navigation Node) after the Backoffice login


My use case is like this:

  • We have catalogA and catalogB (both in readable catalogs for all usergroups).

  • If the user is member of userGroupA then after login the catalogA should be selected by default.

  • If the user is member of userGroupB then after login the catalogB should be selected by default.

So far, I found that the best way to do so is to override the method GenericInitAdvancedSearchController.createAdvancedSearchInitContext(NavigationNode navigationNode) wich takes a navigationNode in the arguments

My question is how can I define a new navigation node since the object is just passed by socket from the widget socketId = "nodeSelected", is there an initializer, a factory to generate one by catalog.

Thank you in advance.