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Former Member
Sep 06, 2018 at 05:59 PM

Hybris 6.6 setup Selenium


Hi All

I'm new to selenium and I'm trying to find a way to setup my hybris 6.6 app to do the automatization test of the store.

I saw that my project has the below folders but not sure how to use them.

  1. ...\hybris\bin\ext-content\npmancillary\resources\npm\node\node-v6.9.4-darwin-x64\lib\node_modules\webdriver-manager\selenium

  2. ...\hybris\bin\ext-platform-optional\hmc\web\webroot\selenium

  3. ...\hybris\bin\ext-content\npmtestancillary\resources\npm\binaries\selenium

Any help is appreciated.