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Aug 17, 2018 at 03:27 PM

Reversesequencenumber is changed during synchronization.


Hi Expert,

When images including products is synchronized from "staged" to "online" reversesequencenumber in imageproductrelation is not copied as it is.

for ex: for prod1 having only 3 images and we changed ReverseSequencenumber as 0,3,999 in staged version, after synchronization, reversesequencenumber are 749271053,749271054,749271052 of same image in online version for same product. We have custom relation for produtimagerelation.

 <relation localized="false" code="PFImagePFFamilyRelation">
         <description>A PFResource can have multiple PFFamily.A PFFamily can belong to multiple PFSystem.</description>
         <sourceElement type="PFImage" qualifier="images" cardinality="many" ordered="true"/>
         <targetElement type="PFFamily" qualifier="pffamilies" cardinality="many"/>

and we have custom synchronization also.

INSERT_UPDATE SyncAttributeDescriptorConfig;attributeDescriptor(enclosingType(code),qualifier)[unique=true];syncJob(code)[unique=true];includedInSync[allownull=true];copyByValue[allownull=true]; PFFamily:images;tfgbSyncJob;true;true; i tried with forced update but same issue.

Kindly suggest. Thank you, Deepak