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Jul 31, 2018 at 04:29 PM

Generated export script fails


Hi, I try to export the the datamodel with the generated script from the Script Generator. I could solve some issues regarding the Type User, etc. But now I'm stucking on the Type: TriggerTask. I get the following error:

18.07.31 15:49:28:349    ERROR    line 3665 at main script: error executing code line at 3665 : Sourced file: inline evaluation of: ``impex.exportItems( "TriggerTask" , false );'' : Method Invocation impex.exportItems

The export snippet looks like the following:

# ---- Extension: processing ---- Type: TriggerTask ----
"#% impex.setTargetFile( ""TriggerTask.csv"" );"
insert TriggerTask;&Item;context;contextItem(&Item);creationtime[forceWrite=true,dateformat=dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm:ss];executionDate[dateformat=dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm:ss];executionHourMillis;executionTimeMillis;expirationDate[dateformat=dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm:ss];expirationTimeMillis;failed;modifiedtime[dateformat=dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm:ss];nodeGroup;nodeId;owner(&Item)[allownull=true,forceWrite=true];retry;runnerBean[allownull=true];runningOnClusterNode;trigger(&Item)[allownull=true]
"#% impex.exportItems( ""TriggerTask"" , false );"

I'm using Hybris version 6.6.

I couldn't figure out, what is wrong here. Hopefully one of you guys can help me :) Thanks in advanced.

BR Denis