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Jul 23, 2018 at 10:09 PM

Unable to import the classes like (RegionCacheData,RegionData) from package


I am trying to customize HAC. I have created a new extension and written a controller to clear specific and selective cache. OOTB feature is like when we click on 'clear cache' button All cache regions gets cleared off. I have created region wise buttons to clear each cache region on demand rather than clearing all cache region at once.

But unable to import classes like () from packages : 1) DefaultCacheFacade from package de.hybris.platform.hac.facade.impl 2) RegionCacheData,RegionData,CacheStatisticsData,TypeStatisticsData classes from package

Basically classes from package de.hybris.platform.hac is not being imported.

Advise on this issue and Suggest the procedures to implement customization of HAC.