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Jul 23, 2018 at 07:47 PM

Parallel calls for adding mutliple products to the same cart using OCC fails



We are using OCC rest service “/users/{userId}/carts/{cartId}/entries” to add multiple products to a single cart. This is done using parallel calls through threads where each call adds a single product to the same cart. The call works for the first time with only 2 products but fails if more than 3 products are used. Also, the call fails if I make a second call to add the same 2 products again. We are using Spring 5 Webdlux to initiate these parallel service calls.

We get a error “400 Bad Request” in the consumer, also following entries are created in the Hybris logs :

[RestHandlerExceptionResolver] Translating exception [de.hybris.platform.jalo.JaloObjectNoLongerValidException]: item 8796191391788 no longer valid (was removed): object no longer valid [RestHandlerExceptionResolver] de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.exceptions.ModelSavingException: item 8796191359020 no longer valid (was removed): object no longer valid

We are using the Hybris version 6.6

Can any one of you please provide some inputs here ASAP.

Regards, Manish