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Jul 23, 2018 at 04:07 PM

Could not transform by expression resolve('CanonicalParty').externalPartyId


Hello Experts,I am getting an error in datahub when creating Employee as a target type using DEBMAS,ADR3MAS and ADRMAS.I have created the different Raw,Canonical and Target type for Employee. I am differentiating B2Bcustomer and Employee on the basis of tag "KTOKD" present in DEBMAS.The impex is generated of Employee but only the values of ADR3MAS are stored and not the DEBMAS.I want both the DEBMAS and ADR3MAS data to get stored in Employee . In log it is giving the error "Could not transform by expression resolve('CanonicalParty').externalPartyId". While running the IDOC(DEBMAS,ADR3MAS and ADRMAS) from Rest Client I am getting this error. [ERROR] [c.h.d.s.p.i.DefaultCanonicalToTargetItemConverterService] Failed to create a target item from CanonicalItem{id='20', integrationKey='0020433012_KNA1|0000233254_KNVK|HAS_CONTACT_PERSON', status=SUCCESS, dataPool='DataHubPoolEntity{id=9301, name=SAPCUSTOMER_INBOUND_POOL}', batchId=0000000766743767|ZTE6100|ADR3MAS03, traceId=75f534ba-06e3-332c-a6b4-44a848a090dd, uuid=946eaf37-68cc-4a76-aeb2-7b16b0532a03, documentId=0020433012_KNA1, fields='{relationshipType=HAS_CONTACT_PERSON, relatedPartyId=0000233254_KNVK, partyId=0020433012_KNA1}'} Could anyone please guide me for this error.