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Jul 18, 2018 at 08:48 AM

Smartedit BasicAuth OAuth



we´re trying to get Apache2.4 as ReverseProxy with BasicAuthentication to work. It is working as intended, with the exception that we´re not able to access smartedit. To access smartedit behind BasicAuth, Apache is expecting a required ip or a valid-user. If im trying to access smartedit from an IP which is in the require any directive, it works. If im trying to access it from the internet or an ip in general which is not part of the require any directive in Apache we get hit with BasicAuth multiple times. If we finally manage to get to the smartedit-login, the credentials are not working. "Bad Credentials" is what smartedit states in the Frontend. As we were troubleshooting we found out that smartedit ist using oauth for authentification. So it looks like the "Bearer Token" Header is not passed back to the Client.

Did anyone experience similar problems and ideally fixed it?

Thanks in advance