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Jul 03, 2018 at 03:55 PM

New backoffice-widget, list of Products


In backoffice there is a default widget displaying a Product List (+ Search, + Editor Area)


I want to create the same widget but customize the columns in the list view, and then put it right below the "Products" menu and call this menu item "Cool products" ;-)

I looked at the Customizing the Widgets Structure in the Backoffice-Based Application but it didn't make everything clear for me.

I created a new extension from ybackoffice and I know I need to modify the myextension-backoffice-widgets.xml . Now I suppose I need to extend the explorerTree widget somehow and insert a new widget into it, that should contain Advanced Search widget, Collection Browser widget, and Editor Area widget. And then I can go on and customize it. Maybe that's the wrong way, but that's how I imagine it now.

The problem is I can't find Product-related entries in the ext-backoffice's backoffice-widgets.xml and don't know what to copy to my xml. Any help even in the form of a link to help would be appreciated.