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Jun 26, 2018 at 03:57 PM

Impex-Cronjob from Datahub stuck in Running


If we send some ZDEBMAS to our datahub he processes them and send the impex to Hybris. This works fine for ~ five publications. Then the next publication sends the impex to Hybris and Hybris creates a Impex-Import-Job for it. In the Log there's a message which indicates the start of the cronjob. But the Job never really processes. The fields 'imported lines' and 'last successful line' are empty. If i set the log level to debug it doesnt log the progress of the job. The job was running for an entire day without progress.

The Impex has ~ 14'000 lines and if i import it directly in the Admin Console it works. (In around 5 min.) We have clustering, so the datahub sends the impexs to different servers. But this phenomen happens on multiple servers. Hardware also shouldn't be the problem, it has enough RAM and CPU ist on ~ 30%.

The ultimate problem is, that the datahub is stuck because this one cronjob never sends him a feedback (cause he never ends) and as a result no more DEBMAS can get processed.