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May 15, 2018 at 06:57 PM

Different Perfect partner product promotion with one common product in target container consuming same entry.



When we are trying to create two different perfect partner percentage discount promotion which has one common product in target containers in both of the promotion and both promotion can be applied together. In this scenario if that common target product and different products from qualifying containers are added to cart than both promotions are getting fired using same entry. Which is misleading and if we try to add some other product from target container still common one gets consumed. Since its cheaper.

Ex- Promotion 1: Qualifying prod: A,B Target Prod: C

Promotion B: Qualifying prod: X,Y,Z, Target Prod: C,D,E

And product C is cheapest among all target products.

So if A,C,Z are added both promotions getting fired with C as free product. Even if we add D or E still C gets consumed.

Expected is C will ink to A and D will link to Z. If there is only C then highest promotion only should get triggered. SInce C is already consumed.