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May 07, 2018 at 02:14 PM

Unable to Override the Perform method of ImportCockpit


Hello All,

I need to override the perform method in the ImportCockpitJob and write my own logic. Since the ImportCockpitJob class is not registered as a spring bean, I couldn't do the bean overriding. And hence, I created an item type which extends the item ImportCockpitJob and then defined a jalo class ImportCockpitJobSession. In this class I had to override the performCronJob method. But my job's code doesn't get executed! Any help highly appreciated. Thanks!!!!!

Itemtype definition:

itemtype code="ImportCockpitJobSession" autocreate="true" generate="true" jaloclass="de.valtech.henkel.cronjob.jalo.ImportCockpitJobSession" extends="ImportCockpitCronJob">

Overriding the method:

   public class ImportCockpitJobSession extends ImportCockpitJob

 public ImportCockpitJobSession()

 public static final String INSTANCE_NAME = "ImportCockpit-ImportJob";
 private static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger(ImportCockpitJob.class);
 private final transient ModelService modelService = (ModelService) Registry.getApplicationContext().getBean("modelService");
 private final transient ImportCockpitCronJobService importCockpitService = (ImportCockpitCronJobService) Registry

 public CronJob.CronJobResult performCronJob(final CronJob cronJob) throws AbortCronJobException
     System.out.println("!!!!!!!!!!!!!Inside my class!!!!!!!!!!!!!");
     final CronJob.CronJobResult result = null;
     final ImportCockpitCronJobModel cronJobModel = (ImportCockpitCronJobModel) this.modelService.get(cronJob);

     final String mySession = cronJobModel.getSessionUser().getUid();
     System.out.println("!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Inside my overriden class!!!!!!!!!!!!!" + mySession);

     return result;


I have also declared a bean for this class:

 <bean id="ImportCockpitJobSession" class="de.valtech.henkel.cronjob.jalo.ImportCockpitJobSession" scope="prototype"/>