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Apr 27, 2018 at 09:13 AM

Impex-export in 6.3


Hi Experts,

when i am exporting product data using export query in HAC ,Impex Exports are adding "_null" to the end of localized attribute names in the export header.This was not happening in 5.3 version. Query look like:

$productCatalog=catalog $catalogVersion=Staged $whereclause={TF.code} in('302780', '096-101001', '60108-500-P', '60105-219-P')
"#% impex.setTargetFile( ""productExport.csv"", true, 1, -1 );" INSERT_UPDATE Product;code[unique=true,allownull=true];supplierName;productTitle;creationtime[dateformat=MM/dd/yyyy] "#% impex.exportItemsFlexibleSearch( ""SELECT {TF:PK} FROM {Product as TF}, {Catalog as C}, {CatalogVersion as CV} WHERE {TF:catalog} = {C:PK} AND {TF:catalogversion} = {CV:PK} AND {CV:catalog} = {C:PK} AND {C:id} = '$productCatalog' AND {CV:version} = '$catalogVersion' AND $whereclause"" );"

export row are coming from default language ( localized attributes value are coming from default lang(en) but header are showing _null ) Header are showing like- # code;supplierName_null;productTitle_null;creationtime

Ques:2- Also, before the upgrade when we downloaded the export results they used to save in our downloads folder with the filename of the job (e.g. "") now they all save with the same name (e.g. "")