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Former Member
Apr 25, 2018 at 03:25 PM

RawItems in pending status is not composed after datahub restart


We have restarted and redeployed our datahub server, and processing of items have stopped.

In backoffice datahub view we can see a lot of raw items pending, and the number is not decreasing - nothing is processed.

Using "https://env-url/datahub-webapp/v1/compositions?q=status:PENDING" shows a lot of compositions in pending state. They are not picked up, which might be related.

We have autocompose and autopublish activated, so processing should stutomatically, but it don't. Even posting a manual compose command, doesn't have any effect.

We are running Datahub version 6.6, receiving IDoc's through standard IDoc integration. The problem is related to GLOBAL pool.

Anyone experienced something similar, and have a suggestion for solution?