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Apr 13, 2018 at 02:55 PM

ERROR [Thread-290] [BaseUICockpitPerspective] Item could not be activated. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Value is instanceof Collection but cannot be empty collection for key: contentSlots


I have created a component with navigation node as an attribute.(It has child nav nodes with link component). In CMSCockpit Editor view I need to edit link name and url of the link component.

While opening editor view of link component it is showing only link name and throwing an error which is same as raised question.

Example: Editor view [Parent nav node(Editor view) -> child nav node(Editor view) -> child nav node(Editor view) -> Link component(Editor view)[Visible only with name]]

If I add that link component to content slot then it is working fine. But I don't need to add to content slot it will be a duplicate.

Kindly suggest with answers.