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Apr 12, 2018 at 09:47 AM

Type localization missing in Backoffice


We are confused by an issue that we are currently running into with the hybris backoffice.

Actual Situation:

  • We define type localizations in the file

  • The customer uses two data locales en_US (with fallback set to en) and de_DE (with fallback set to de)

  • The login to the backoffice uses the locale en_US.

  • After the installation and update everything looks fine.

  • After a restart of the server, some of the type localizations are missing, even hybris standard ones, like


  • We debugged already and found out that the type localization does not follow the configured fallback languages like the data languages do in the facade layer.

  • Instead, type localization will always fallback from Country isocode (e.g. en_US) to Language isocode (e.g. en), i.e. using only the first two characters.

  • We couldn't find, why the localization are not resolved properly

Possible solutions

  • Copy type localization into a second file (which we would like to avoid)


  • Has someone seen this issue before?

  • What could be the issue here?

  • Do you see different solutions for this issue?