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Mar 05, 2018 at 11:03 PM

Enable impex logging during data hub publication action



Could any one help me how to enable the logging to log the actual impex that is created during data hub publication?

The logs on the hybris server showing the number of records processed but not seeing the actual impex.

For example - This is what I am seeing when data hub publish the data to Hybris server. INFO [TaskExecutor-master-1272-Task [8796126184374]] (000001JV) [Importer] Finished 1 pass in 0d 00 h:00m:00s:008ms - processed: 3, no lines dumped (last pass 0)

Is there any way to log the whole impex to see what exactly it is inserting? I want to see like INSERT_UPDATE FutureStock;;quantity;date[dateformat=yyyyMMdd];productCode(code) 10;100;20180315;100000143 ;25;200;20180501;100000143

Thanks in Advance.