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Feb 26, 2018 at 05:43 PM

Solr Sort Field Use Boost is not working properly


Hi , I have followed below steps for configuring boosting products. Steps: 1. Created Activation Set 2. Went to “Adaptive Search” perspective in back office and created search profile for creating boost rules. 3. Went to specific category(power drills),clicked and promoted to one product. 4. Verified in the storefront , its working fine and displaying always promoted product at the first. 5. Again went to Solr sort field in the indextype and updated “Use Boost” property to false and done indexing and tested, now also displaying promoted product at the first in the storefront.

I have tried same steps in the powertools(OOTB) also, it’s always displaying promoted product at the first product irrespective of whether we will set “Use Boost” is true or false in the Sort field.

Even I have tried to add commercesearch in localextension.xml, which is not working and no logs .

Is there anything i am missing configuration