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Jan 12, 2018 at 05:29 AM

ASM Addon Beans Not Loaded


Hi Experts,

I tried to install assistedservicestorefront addon into my b2bstorefront in Hybris 6.5. The steps are:

(1) Adding all required extensions in localextensions.xml

            <extension name="addonsupport"/>
            <extension name="acceleratorservices" />
            <extension name="assistedservicefacades" /> 
            <extension name="assistedservicestorefront" />

(2) Run below command $ ant addoninstall -Daddonnames="assistedservicestorefront" -DaddonStorefront.yb2bacceleratorstorefront="myb2bstorefront"

(3) Run $ ant clean all

(4) Restart server

(5) update assistedservicestorefront via HAC

After that, I can access the ASM by appending "?asm=true" to any storefront url. All buttons (Sign In, Customers, Sign Out, Reset, etc.) are working fine except the "360 Customer View" button. When clicking on it, a pop-out window will be displayed with errors like below. The same error will be displayed in all other tab (OVERVIEW, PROFILE, ACTIVITY, etc.).

alt text

I tried to debug the code and found out that the beans inside assistedservicestorefront-web-spring.xml are not even loaded into web application context beans. For example, the value of beans highlighted in screenshot below is not merged into customer360JspProvidersMap beans in web application context.

alt text

Also checked in assistedservicestorefront\, the path for additionalWebSpringConfigs is there:


Am I missing some beans/addon configuration that caused the beans in assistedservicestorefront-web-spring.xml not loaded properly ?

Thanks in advance.