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Jan 11, 2018 at 12:02 PM

Data Hub - How to handle event for final failure of publication retry


Hello experts,

For datahub.max.publication.retry.count property in Data Hub, is there a way to extend the OOTB "...max retry reached..." method so I can send a notification (e.g. mail) for the final publication failure?

Meaning if datahub.max.publication.retry.count = 5, no notifications should be sent when the publication failure first occurred and while it is retried for 4 times. What I'd like is for the notification to be sent only during the FINAL (5th retry) failure.

I'm aware that I can refer to event-sample from Solution Book. But I can't think of how to implement the requirement above i.e. include logic to perform-something only during final+failed publication retry.

Thanks in advance!

*Data Hub v6.5