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Jan 09, 2018 at 02:20 PM

Hooks for initialization and update process with Hybris 6.5.0



I use a Java class with annotations @SystemSetup in order to initialize or update essential and project data:

 @SystemSetup(extension = "myextension")
 public class CustomDataSetup extends AbstractSystemSetup {

     @SystemSetup(type = Type.ESSENTIAL, process = Process.ALL)
     public void createEssentialData(final SystemSetupContext context) {
         // Do something...

     @SystemSetup(type = Type.PROJECT, process = Process.ALL)
     public void createProjectData(final SystemSetupContext context) {
         // Do something...

Essential and project data methods are executed when executing the command line:

 ant intialize

But for the update process only the essential data method is executed with the command line:

 ant updatesystem

On the help website Hooks for Initialization and Update Process in the paragraph "Annotation Attributes" it is written that if process = ALL then "Code is executed twice, during the initialization and during the update process. " but it's not the case. Is it a known bug or may be I did something wrong?

Thanks for help.