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Jan 01, 2018 at 12:14 PM

Product search based on customer material number


Dear Experts,

I have a new requirement from my customer. Site we are developing is kind of powertools site and version being used is 6.5 B2B. My customer has multiple customers across the globe(i.e they cater to all regions EMEA, NA, APAC etc.)

For every part id we have in our site, customers can have their own part numbers/name (which we call customer material number). So each customer should be able to search (thru search box) parts based on his customer material number.

For example:- Part id in system is 123456. Customer A calls it "abcdefgh" and customer B calls it "uvwxyz". So when customer A logs n and want to search part 123456, he should be able to input abcdefgh and system should be able to get part 123456 for him.

Can someone please suggest a solution how this can be achieved.

Thanks, Kishore.