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Dec 22, 2017 at 12:53 PM

Hot Class reloading with tomcat


Hello experts,

We are working on reducing (eliminating ?) the server restarts frequence,

One of the Class reloading options available (beside JRebel, HotSwapAgent...), is the native Tomcat Server reloadable="true" option.

Its working like a charm when making changes to classes under the webroot folder, But its not the case for the classes under the [EXTENSION_FOLDER]/classes folder

So our question is :

Is there a way to make Tomcat aware of changes under the [EXTENSION_FOLDER]/classes folder, and to reload the corresponding extension webapp ? without having a conflict with the Hybris ClassLoading mechanism.

Environement : Hybris 5.4, Tomcat 7.0.55, Java 1.8

Best regards