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Nov 22, 2017 at 03:23 PM

Clarify documentation about databases compatibility



In this document "Third-Party Databases", MySQL DB is mentionned but there is no reference to Percona.

In this document "Third-Party Compatibility", Percona XtraDB Cluster is referenced.

I wonder if it's really supported?

Does hybris is compatible with the product called Percona Server for MySQL?

If we use Percona Server, what is the prefered storage engine, InnoDB or XtraDB?

It's not clear what is used by default.

In this document

From 5.5 InnoDB is the default engine

But in this one

A Percona engineer says that


ercona Server uses XtraDB by default. So even if it says Engine=InnoDB it is still XtraDB beneath it

We are trying to set up an hybris with Percona Server, we have issues and we are a bit lost about what DB should be used and how it should be configured to work well with hybris.