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Nov 07, 2017 at 01:16 PM

Extend BackofficeCockpitUserService


Im trying to extend the class BackofficeCockpitUserService from my accelerator backoffice extension.

The problem is that that class is inside the web folder in the backoffice extension. and when i try to extend it and compile it from the normal src folder in my backoffice extension i get the following compilation error

 1. ERROR in C:\Z\BAT\hybris\bin\custom\bat\batbackoffice\src\com\sap\cd\bat\user\ (at line 3)
     import com.hybris.backoffice.cockpitng.user.BackofficeCockpitUserService;
 The import com.hybris.backoffice.cockpitng cannot be resolvedenter code here

The backoffice estension is properly added to the requirements in the extensioninfo.xml of my backoffice extension:

     <requires-extension name="backoffice"/>

How Could I fix the compilation of the class so it can find the BackofficeCockpitUserService class i'm trying to extend?