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Nov 07, 2017 at 12:12 PM

Running unit tests in Intellij Idea


I'm having difficulties running unit tests inside Idea. Trying to run the class as a junit test first fires build, and for some reason the build starts to build everything, including generating beans to models.jar (even if the whole project is already built with ant all). The beans get generated somehow horribly wrong missing most of the properties and the project won't compile. I get errors like:

 Error:(43, 29) java: cannot find symbol
   symbol:   method setConfiguratorType(de.hybris.platform.catalog.enums.ConfiguratorType)
   location: variable item of type

When I look at the beans they only seem to include properties from sapproductconfigfacades, everything else is missing.

If I try to run the test without the build step the test class is not found.

I've imported the project to Idea with Hybris plugin. I'm using Hybris