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Oct 11, 2017 at 12:34 PM

how to create a multiple line items for the same products with user entered text for the product in pdp page in the same cart?



we have a scenario like creating multiple line items for the same product with user entered text(device number) for the product in pdp page to the current cart

sample data for the scenario looks like as shown below in PDP page user enter device number in text field for the selected product. For example please find below 3 products added with different sim ids PrepaidPlan1 (Product) enable on SIM1(device number) - CartEntry One PrepaidPlan1 (Product) enable on SIM2 (device number) - CartEnrty two PrepaidPlan1 (Product) enable on SIM31 (device number) - CartEnrty three we tried with the below option. parameter.setCreateNewEntry(true); This is creating separate entry for the product in cart but device number (SIM) is getting overriden with the last product entry in the cnd all products are having same device number. so cart should have 3 entries with different products each with the device number entered by the user.

please help us how to acheive this.