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Sep 30, 2017 at 11:38 PM

solr synonym search is not working


Hi Experts,

I am using hybris and Hybris OOB solr standalone instance.

I have created synonyms by below impex.

INSERT_UPDATE SolrSynonymConfig;facetSearchConfig(name)[unique=true];synonymFrom[unique=true];synonymTo;language(isocode) ;$facetSearchConfigName;"kingdom12345";"yyyy";en

Note: "yyyy" text is present in product name which is already available in solr server.

I have tried with Synonym Export button and also by doing full indexing from HMC.

But when searching text "kingdom12345" and it should give result for string "yyyy" . This query should give product but getting no product found.

When i checked in tomcat console. It give this below query.

DisMaxFreeTextQueryBuilder] {!multiMaxScore tie=0.0}((code_string:kingdom^90.0) OR (keywords_text_en:kingdom^20.0) OR (manufacturerName_text:kingdom^40.0) OR (categoryName_text_en_mv:kingdom^20.0) OR (ean_string:kingdom^100.0) OR (name_text_en:kingdom^50.0)) OR ((keywords_text_en:kingdom~^10.0) OR (manufacturerName_text:kingdom~^20.0) OR (categoryName_text_en_mv:kingdom~^10.0) OR (name_text_en:kingdom~^25.0)) OR ((code_string:kingdom*^45.0) OR (ean_string:kingdom*^50.0)) OR ((keywords_text_en:"kingdom"^40.0) OR (manufacturerName_text:"kingdom"^80.0) OR (categoryName_text_en_mv:"kingdom"^40.0) OR (name_text_en:"kingdom"^100.0))

Question1: From above log it seems synonym is not working and it is treating as plain text search. If this is not correct way to setup synonym then How can setup synonym for example "kingdom12345" to "yyyy" ?

Question2: How can i check ( UI Steps ) all synonyms present in solr server?

Thanks in advance.