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Sep 25, 2017 at 10:31 AM

REPLACE in Flexible Search Query


Hi experts,

I have problem with Flexible Search query. When I execute the query I have result with bytes. Query: SELECT REPLACE({description}, '<ul> <li>', ' ') FROM {Product} WHERE {description} like '%<%' AND ({description} not like '%<ul> <li>%' OR {description} not like '%</li> </ul>%') HAC result: alt text But when I execute in MySQL it is OK. Query: SELECT REPLACE( lp_t0.p_description , '<ul> <li>', ' ') FROM productslp lp_t0 WHERE lp_t0.p_description like '%<%' AND ( lp_t0.p_description not like '%<ul> <li>%' OR lp_t0.p_description not like '%</li> </ul>%'); MySQL result: alt text How can I make a text replacement in HAC. It is just for test . I I don't have access for DB on PROD server. That's why I need this part of query.


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