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Sep 22, 2017 at 07:15 AM

Hybris B2B Implementation


I would like to receive your recommendation about who to talk to about a problem that I just found during the exploring phase.

The client bought the B2B accelerator, PCM, OMS, Merchandising, Assisted Module and today they told that they want to put all their clients in their Hybris even though they are not B2B clients (around 6000 clients). They are saying that for those clients who don´t have a computer or for those clients who send orders requisition via SMS, whatsapp, etc, they would like to set up an user who can log in into hybris and put the orders on their behalf. For me this is not an standard and I´ve already reported to my Delivery Manager but I would like to receive your feedback about what is the best way to proceed. I´m seeing this as a vulnerability of the solution and I told the client that as a BA, I won´t proceed until I talk to my superiors.

They respond to me that the system doesn´t have any functionality to prevent this of happen. It´s allow.