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Aug 30, 2017 at 11:09 AM

Datahub not creating TargetItem for Invoice IDOC


Hi Experts, We are using Hybris and Datahub version 6.3, trying to push INVOIC01/02 (Invoice IDOC) to datahub to replicate Invoice data. The Raw and Composition is happening but NO TargetItem is getting created. There is no errors on the log, also the "PublicationAction" return as "SUCCESS".

Checked TargetItem table and there are no entries, the log clearly says that it was trying to publish with zero items

 2017-08-30 09:31:09,106 [DEBUG] [c.h.d.r.j.i.DefaultTargetItemJpaRepository] Found 0 TargetItem items for [SubTargetSystemPublicationEntity{id=579, status=IN_PROGRESS, publicationType=INSERT, publicationAction=PublicationActionEntity{id=12, pool=DataHubPoolEntity{id=0, name=GLOBAL}}, targetSystem=TargetSystemEntity{id=1, targetSystemName='HybrisCore', targetSystemType='HybrisCore'}}] publications and DefaultDataHubIdBasedPageRequest{lastProcessedId=0, pageSize=1}

Debugging from Hybris DatahubAdapter - ItemImportController - Shows the call has not come through. It is using "DEFAULT" pool and the same is used by other IDOC MATMAS and that works.

So why the TargetItem is not getting created? Does anyone faced this issue. We are using OOB jars and there is no custom code/extension yet.

Thanks, Srini