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Aug 23, 2017 at 01:10 PM

Catalog synchronization false in backoffice / successfull in logs and hmc


When I do a catalog synchronization in backoffice, i get the status "Synchronization finished: false". In the log it's mentioning no errors:

Starting synchronization ... INFO | jvm 1 | srvmain | 2017/08/23 12:49:33.401 | INFO [00004NG1::de.hybris.platform.catalog.jalo.synchronization.CatalogVersionSyncJob] (00004NG1) [CatalogVersionSyncMaster] 1. pass, 0 (+0) of 0 items processed (0 %), 0.00 items/sec, 0 (+0, deadlocks:0) items dumped. INFO | jvm 1 | srvmain | 2017/08/23 12:49:33.401 | INFO [00004NG1::de.hybris.platform.catalog.jalo.synchronization.CatalogVersionSyncJob] (00004NG1) [CatalogVersionSyncJob] Finished synchronization in 0d 00h:00m:00s:019ms. No errors.

If I look up the same synchronization job in hmc, it has status successfull. Also in backoffice if i click on the job is has Last Result: SUCCESS. How is it possible that is it mentioning the "Synchronization finished: false" even though it is finished (Plus the items are synchronised as well). Can you edit or remove this message somewhere?

alt text