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Aug 22, 2017 at 11:17 AM

start master/slave node of solr


Hi experts, I am trying to deploy master/slave nodes according to below link.

But i am lost.according to its comments 'Find the standalone Solr directory that is delivered with the solrfacetsearch extension out of the box: \ext-commerce\solrserver\resources\solr\server Copy the content of this directory to your's dedicated master server directory: c:\solrCluster\master'

i created a folder and copied the file.

afterwards, according to comments 'Run the Solr standalone servers. Run start.bat or in the Slave server and Master server directories. You should be able to get responses from the servers using the following URLs:' I should be able to find 'start/bat' in my master/slave node. But i could not find them.