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Aug 21, 2017 at 01:15 PM

Adding index to a column defined at a variant Product level


We have a setup of baseProducts, Stylevariants, SizeVariants. StyleVariant has a property(sku) on which i am trying to create index, but getting an error ,

CREATE INDEX idx$sku_1 ON PRODUCTS (P_SKU)]; nested exception is java.sql.BatchUpdateException: unexpected token: IDX$SKU_1] at de.hybris.bootstrap.ddl.DefaultDbScriptsExecutor.executeBatch( ~[ybootstrap.jar:?] at de.hybris.bootstrap.ddl.DefaultDbScriptsExecutor.executeDDl( ~[ybootstrap.jar:?] at de.hybris.bootstrap.ddl.DefaultDbScriptsExecutor.executeDDl( ~[ybootstrap.jar:?] at de.hybris.bootstrap.ddl.HybrisSchemaGenerator.executeUpdateStatements( ~[ybootstrap.jar:?] at de.hybris.bootstrap.ddl.HybrisSchemaGenerator.update( ~[ybootstrap.jar:?]

Can i define an index like this at a derived table?

 <index name="idx$sku" creationmode="all" replace="true">
     <key attribute="sku" />

Thanks in advance.