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Former Member
Aug 21, 2017 at 04:27 AM

Can we remove the lucenesearch extension from Hybris v6.2 while doing a version upgrade from v5.5?


We are upgrading the Hybris version from v5.5 to v6.2, while running the system update on production the process was taking a long time than expected, it was stuck at 'Creating essential data for lucenesearch'. Upon further research the system update was churning the 'indexupdate' table, which had 95 MIL records in production. We rolled back the changes and postponed the release. I need help in identifying the impact on both the options below (potential fixes) and we use HMC, CSC and backoffice for operational purposes on production.

  1. Truncate the ''indexupdate' table and start the system upgrade again. What would be the impact on the system? Will this slow down any areas?

  2. Can we totally remove the 'lucenesearch' extension? I do not have any dependency on 'lucenesearch' in other extensions. Will this option slow down HMC or backoffice? Is this index used any where else which will go slow down if we remove this extension?

Any help is greatly appreciated.