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Aug 18, 2017 at 03:43 PM

Backoffice advanced search mode by default


Is there a way to display the Advanced Search widget for a particular type in advanced-search mode by default (including the search fields already visible)?

I am trying this:

 <context type="SomeType" component="advanced-search" merge-by="type" module="some-extension">
     <as:advanced-search disable-simple-search="true" disable-auto-search="true" xmlns:as="" xmlns="">
             <field name="someAttribute" selected="true"/>
             <field editor="java.lang.Long" name="pk" selected="false"/>

With that, the advanced search doesn't let enter a search text (which I understand as "simple-search" mode), which is at least something.
But I still have to click the "looking glass" button in order to expand the panel that contains the field someAttribute.
I think that, as we have explicitly indicated that we want advanced-search mode, these fields should be directly visible by default, shouldn't they? Any ideas?