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Jul 24, 2017 at 02:43 PM

DataHub customization - Contact Person replication


Hi All,

We are using Hybris/DataHub v6.3.0.0. OOTB customer replication working fine. Now We need to add one field to Contact Person, in DataHub. i checked OOTB sapcustomer* extensions, there are various relationship between customer data/type. When i tried to add that custom attribute in my custom DH extensions, it gives error during contact person replication... which seems to be related to relationship between customer data/type(address/customer/contactPerson). Also, there is party-canonical-datahub-extension... what's its role and how it is being used.

Can somebody help me to understand relationships between various customer data/type or provide some sample code to add custom field in Contact Person.

Thanks, Yaten